Our industry experience spans over 20 years. We offer expert level knowledge of draught beer mechanics, gas separation technologies and strong ties to the beverage industry help make GAS Inc the premier choice for local environmental nitrogen.


Our story

A professional brewer (Tom) and a beverage gas supplier (Jesse) met and fast became friends. Both of their professional experiences would one day combine and bring to market an environmentally friendly nitrogen and mixed-gas source, for the love of beer.

Today, Green Air Supply is the premier Nitrogen Separator supplier in the USA. Thousands and thousands of bars, restaurants, breweries and cafes are not only serving higher quality beverages but also making a real environmental difference by interrupting the current carbon intensive gas cylinder supply chain.

Over a ten year period, Environmental Nitrogen™ on average only requires 2 trees to be carbon neutral while the same bar using traditional high pressure cylinders would require a massive 568 trees planted to remain carbon neutral.

A love of beer and making environmentally conscious decisions marry perfectly in the ideology of Green Air Supply’s business model.



Founder / Co-owner

"Today is an exciting time, we have an opportunity to help serve the very best possible beverages and to reduce our carbon footprint at the same time.
Let's start a beverage quality revolution! The correct blend for every beverage system."


President / Co-owner

Tom started brewing in his freshman dorm room in Boulder, eventually becoming a craft brewer, "before it was cool". His resulting obsession with draught quality lead him to champion blended gas and on-site nitrogen.
He believes "quality endures", that building something to last is not a lost art, and that elegant design includes both aesthetics and the ability to repair rather than replace. Some of that might explain his lifelong crush on vintage VWs. Off hours he likes skiing, mountain biking, and open water swimming in Puget Sound.


General Manager

Embodying the truest definition of his job title, Zak manages most aspects of the day-to-day operations at Green Air Supply. From service calls to bookkeeping, installations to sales calls, he is ready and willing to help everyone push for the perfect pour™.

“I would recommend this product to anybody who wants to reduce beer gas costs and serve a better beer!”

Greg, Manager McCormick & Schmick Restaurant, Seattle WA


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