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What size GAS separator do I need?

There are multiple factors that will get us to this answer.
The easiest is how many bartenders do you have pouring beer at any one time?

Our most popular models and the number of bartenders they support:
Nitro -Serv: 1
Medium: 1 - 2
Large: 3 or more

Green Air Supply has a size for any dispense situation! Please call us for more details.

What else do I need to get my draught system up and running?

Carbon dioxide (CO2) and of course the draught system. CO2 is a commodity and is widely available in cylinders or bulk CO2 tanks. Green Air Supply is happy to assist connecting you with a local CO2 supplier.

Our specialty, connecting you with a professional and local Beer Hero (draught beer system installer, cleaner maintenance supplier). Green Air Supply works with dozens and dozens of local Beer Heroes all over The United States.

Call us with your location. G.A.S. can help!

How much power does the separator draw?

120V volt outlet
Running <7 Amps
Starting <12 Amps

We suggest a non-switched dedicated outlet (non GFI)  between 2-8' elevation.

What blend do I need?

We are so very happy you asked! Just like a delicate and special beer is unique so is your draught system and the gas blend you apply to it.

As a quality beverage gas supplier, Green Air Supply intends to preserve each keg exactly as the brewer sent it.

Our mission is to match a calculated gas blend to your beverage system in an environmentally friendly way.

Green Air Supply has many ways to help you apply exactly the correct CO2 and Nitrogen blend to your unique and special beverage system.

We don’t pour any nitro beers. Why do I need this system?

Nitro beers do require a specific gas blend to pour correctly but more and more so do regular ales and lagers due to improved draught system designs. That is a good thing as low keg pressure 100% CO2 systems without nitrogen will cause over carbonation in nearly any dispense situation.

Today many draught beer installers choose to run higher keg pressures to reduce or limit foaming of beer. Higher keg pressures equal more stable pouring beer and more stable profits for you.

FACT: Any keg pressure over 13 psi should be served on a calculated gas blend to prevent over carbonation (foam).

Can you sell me CO2?

No. However, we can refer you to some great partners that we work with around the country.

Call us with your location. G.A.S. can help!

Downloadable Resources

Nitro-Serv Flyer

Technical specs of NS unit.

GAS Perfect Pint Flier

Harvest maximum profits!

Med and Large separators with Storage Sizes

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