Benefits of using blended gas

Your draught system can benefit from blended gas

There are so many beverages that can be served through a draught system. Beer is the obvious choice for a draught beverage. But did you know that you can also offer wine, coffee, juice, kombucha, cocktails? With all of these options, you can meet the needs of most people from one draught system. 

Having your perfect beverage in a keg is one part of the battle. Getting that product to the glass is another and often, this is where the damage happens. Applying the wrong gas at the incorrect pressure can destroy this perfect beverage. Many people will just use CO2 for everything. They are already buying it for their soda system, why not just hook it up to the draught system and away we go? In some situations, this will not be an issue. In most cases, you will lose product, customers, and money, all because you didn’t realize there was another option. 

Blended gas (carbon dioxide and nitrogen) at the proper ratio and serving pressure will allow you to get every drop of beverage and dollar of investment out of your kegged products. The options for obtaining blended gasses are the following. Buying premixed cylinders, using a panel mount blender with cylinders of CO2 and N2, or using a nitrogen generator (or separator, as we like to call it). There are issues with some of these options.

Premixed cylinders are usually not a perfect blend, so the results will vary depending on where it was mixed and who did the mixing. Blender panels are great, but, inevitably, one or both of the gasses will run out and you will not know about it until your beverage stops pouring. Then you, or one of your staff will need to leave the customers to go change the cylinder. This can be frustrating to the staff and to the customer. 

The best option is a Nitrogen Generator. These systems eliminate the need for cylinders by having a machine that harvests nitrogen from the ambient air around you. This gas is stored in a buffer tank for use. Then, by having a bulk CO2 tank, there is never the need to deal with high pressure cylinders. The bonus of using a Green Air Supply Nitrogen Generator (Separator) is that this system also monitors the draught line pressures and will sound an alarm if the pressure drops for too long. This way, you can troubleshoot the system and fix any problems that have presented themselves before the beer stops pouring.


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