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“The green box” has become the go to tool for serious draught beer experts. Beer heros, as G.A.S. calls them, know that with increased keg pressures mixed gas is a must for reliable dispense of beverages. Nitrogen Separators blend separated environmental nitrogen with carbon dioxide (CO2) to exact ratios to match any beverage in any situation. Green Air Supply helps our customers deliver the perfect pour.
From GAS to glass!


Our wall mounted GAS N2 separator is an unrivaled system to boost efficiency and increase profits. It maximizes floor space while elimenating the need for dangerous and dirty nitrogen cylinders. The system is robust, environmentally friendly and built to preserve beer quality.

All models of this series include onboard gas blending, self-test feature, gauges and fittings.

Why Green Air Supply?

How many times have you watched your staff pour a beer and all that comes out is foam? Or someone asks if what was poured was cider due to the lack of carbonation? These are examples of over or under carbonated beer. The brewer created the beer in the keg to be served exactly as it is. The application of incorrect gas blends and any imbalances of the draught system cause beer to become flat or foamy. Our goal is to preserve the beer as it was sent from the brewer.

“I would recommend this product to anybody who wants to reduce beer gas costs and serve a better beer!”

Greg, Manager McCormick & Schmick Restaurant, Seattle WA

Nitrogen Everywhere For Any Beverage

  • Locally harvested nitrogen = no nitrogen cylinders
  • Increase floor space
  • Touchscreen includes real-time leak detection and a must have self-test feature
  • Custom gas blends to match your draught system, McDantim Easy Blend
  • Improve your profits

Downloadable Resources

How The Beer Hero Program Works

How The Beer Hero Program Works

Beer Hero Program FAQ

Beer Hero Program FAQ

Nitrogen Material Safety Data Sheet

Nitrogen, compressed MSDS


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